Doddington Hall

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20160809-doddington-hall-003My darling cousin, Julie, came to visit me from the good ole’ USA. We traversed  much of England. On
one of her last days we took a late morning trip to Doddington Hall, listed on Visit Lincoln here:


Begun in 1595 by Robert Smythson, one of England’s foremost Elizabethan Architects, Doddington Hall 20160809-doddington-hall-005was completed in 1600 and has never been sold or cleared out since. Doddington is still a lived-in and much loved family home, alive with history and interest.

Over 400 years of unbroken family occupation has resulted in fascinating collections of furniture, weaponry, paintings, ceramics, textiles, household objects, porcelain and a wealth of amusing stories all to be found in and around Doddington Hall.

A visit to Doddington offers a unique insight into family life through the ages and the challenges of looking after such an estate in the 21st century.


20160809-doddington-hall-002For many, the gardens at Doddington are just as spectacular as the Hall itself. Remaining faithful to the original Elizabethan layout, mellow walls provide the framework for the formal East Front and West Gardens. Beyond the West Gardens begin the lovingly restored Wild Gardens. Over the generations, most recently by Antony and Victoria Jarvis and Claire and James Birch, the gardens at Doddington have been restored, cared for, nurtured and developed to their fullest potential. (from the Visit Lincoln website)

They also host weddings, which I can only imagine is quite lovely at such an idyllic location. More information on their weddings here: And don’t forget to check out my blog about the FREE Wedding Photography Giveaway here: I’d love a chance to shoot a wedding at Doddington!

Back to our visit:

Julie and I had a Lincolnshire Breakfast at the Cafe then proceeded to walk the lovely grounds. We were 20160809-doddington-hall-001able to see some of the Sculpture Gardens exhibit, until it started to rain. The last few photos were taken under the shelter of a tree while we waited for the rain to dissipate.

I loved the sculptures at the exhibit and must go back soon to see the rest! I really liked the purple sculptures that looked like plants from outer space and the woman made of gears. The Unicorn hedge sculptures were freaking awesome, we all know how obsessed I am with unicorns!

Info about buying the sculptures here:

I may have to get ones of the purple space flowers on my next trip!

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