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11/14/2017 Holiday 0 Comments

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas! Especially Christmas Eve, because I always shared it with my Grandmother (who loved every holiday and decorating). Every year, my father and I would brave the treacherous Schuylkill Expressway from New Jersey to King of Prussia, PA to visit her.

Unfortunately, she passed away a few years ago, but she was kind enough to leave me all of her Christmas decorations.

When I say all, well… It’s really a lot. I was only able to keep about 1/4 of her decorations, but I kept the ones I remember most. She really had an superb sense of style and I have been so excited to be finally able to decorate my home with her precious collection.

My home studio is officially a Christmas wonderland and I just wanted to share the photos with all of you, in honor of my Grandmother (or as she liked to be called “Grand” because she was literally the embodiment of being grand).

Thank you for everything, Grand. You are always on my mind and in my home, especially during the Christmas holidays.

Happy Holidays from A. Rowan Photography!

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