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In an age of digital everything, I am a big supporter of printing your photos. Some may call it arcane, if it isn’t portable, if we can’t put it on Facebook, or carry it in our phones, what’s the point?© A. Rowan Photo 856.571.0838

One of the many reasons I became a photographer is that I grew up surrounded by photos. I spent a lot of time as a child poring over family albums, gazing at photos all over my family’s walls, and digging through boxes of old photos. I loved the stories each photo told, of a time I wasn’t present for, the emotion captured for a single second that now exists for years to come, the memories each photo triggered and the ensuing story told by a beloved relative.© A. Rowan Photo 856.571.0838

In the past five years, some of my closest family members have passed. While I feel their loss greatly every day, my home is filled with photos of them along with ancestors I’ve never met. My walls are a living history of my family and I am so grateful that so many photographs exist of these amazing people.

© A. Rowan Photo 856.571.0838

I laugh when I see my father’s Army photo, because that was not his everyday look. I never saw him in the military, but I have this amazing photo of him so I can share that memory even now that he’s gone.

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Every photo of my grandmother is elegant and timeless, but my favorite is one of her in her twenties long before I existed.

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My grandfather absolutely loathes, LOATHES, being in photos, but I am lucky to have several good ones of the two of us together. And one of which I LOVE so much I had commissioned as this extraordinary painting, painted by Buddy Ray Rodgers of Columbus, GA (seriously an exceptionally talented artist whom I urge you to consider for any painting).

I urge you to print your photos, you don’t know how much they mean to your loved ones and future descendants. If my family hadn’t printed these, I wouldn’t have such wonderful reminders of my loved ones surrounding me. My photos are my most treasured possessions and trigger some of the fondest memories of those who are no longer here.

Because I believe in printing and memories being so priceless, every package comes with prints and complimentary digitals. I want everyone to have physical prints as well as the digital memories.

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Here are a few more family photos around my house:


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