I began my career as a professional photographer in the United States Air Force in 2005, working as a photojournalist in the Public Affairs Department.

Then I worked as a civilian photographer at Dover Air Force Base, and was given the honor of photographing the somber Dignified Transfers for Air Force Mortuary Affairs. A dignified transfer is the process by which, upon the return from the theater of operations to the United States, the remains of fallen military members are transferred from the aircraft to a waiting vehicle and then to the port mortuary. There is more information about this sobering mission here:

I moved to Washington D.C. to work at the Pentagon with the United States Marine Corps in their Combat Camera section. I led a team of photographers and we took various types of photographs, the most visible were of the Marine Corps Parades at Marine Barracks Washington, the home of the Commandant.

These are various shots I’ve done through the years for the military and government outlets.

Some of them can be found on the following sites:


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