The Benefits of Professional Editing

Often people don’t see the editing that goes into producing a final photo. I don’t like to drastically change the way my clients look, because I like to show them as the true beauties they are, but sometimes a background is just boring/distracting, there’s a pesky flyaway hair in someone’s face, or the colors need to punched up/subdued a bit. My aim is to start with a great photo and make subtle enhancements for that lush, dreamy look.

The old adage “You get what you pay for,” is most apt in the photography world. Prices usually reflect image quality, experience, and time spent in post production (editing).

There are a lot of “shoot and burn” photographers who charge very little; they shoot photos on a lower quality camera, spend absolutely no time editing, then burn everything to a disc. That’s it. This is fine for snapshots and casual gatherings, but not for professional photography sessions aimed at capturing special moments. The difference in quality is drastic and often disappointing.

Higher prices (usually) indicate a photographer with a professional camera (and lights, filters, etc.), the training and skill to use said camera, experience with lighting, composition, and posing, and hours spent on post production work to create unique and memorable images customized for you. If you want to make an investment in your memories, hire a professional who’s work you’re absolutely in love with. If you just want a quick snap of the moment, ask a friend to take them for free 🙂

Here are some examples of my before and after shots.

© A. Rowan Photo 856.571.0838

In this instance, the wind kept blowing hair in Katie’s face and it just had to go! To quote Katie, “It kind of looks like a helmet strap in my mouth!” We went from annoying distraction to this gorgeous final edit!


© A. Rowan Photo 856.571.0838

These photos of my sister were already gorgeous, but I was unhappy with the grey skies. I needed to add a bit more color to contract with the flowing tutu dress, otherwise it just didn’t stand out from the background. I added a lovely pink sky and gave the ocean a mini makeover to enhance the blue of the water, which draws more attention to the subject and really makes her stand out.


© A. Rowan Photo 856.571.0838

My friend Paul’s daughter, Tori, is a natural in front of the camera. In this photo, I did change some of her features, because we were going for a model look. I removed her freckles, which are amazingly adorable, but we wanted a more dramatic feel. Her lipstick had faded a bit and it wasn’t on hand for reapplication, so I touched it up to enhance that gorgeous dark color she’s wearing.

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