Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?


Does your photographer know how to manipulate light to flatter you?


If they just trust their camera to do the work, you may end up with photos that wash you out (image A). Instead, trust a professional photographer and his or her knowledge of lighting to elevate your image from a snapshot to a treasured portrait (image B).

Pay attention to how lighting is used to see the differences between photographers.


Professional photographers are trained to use light in ways that turn an image from a nice picture to a portrait you’ll always treasure. Just letting the camera do the work may result in flat lighting and heavy shadows (image A).  Instead, trust a professional photographer to manipulate light so that your best features are the focus of your photographs.

Don’t end up in the dark.


Natural lighting can be a great choice for your portraits…if your photographer knows what he or she is doing. But you don’t want to end up in the dark (image A)! Turn to a professional photographer who knows how to use light to your advantage (image B).


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